Sharp Pain in Breast

Having sharp pain in breast is very alarming. In case tissue in breast develops a shooting, burning, stabling or tingling pain, you might be caught unprepared and begin to worry about negative possibilities.

This type of pain in breast never comes and goes with menstrual cycle, and usually, it affects either of your breasts. Since sharp breast pain is experienced near your heart, part of your mind may think that it is somewhat related to heart attack. There are a number of various options when it comes to diagnosing and treating this sharp pain. You may choose between homemade remedies and prescribed medications by doctors.


Breast pain, also referred to as mastalgia, has two different classifications namely cyclic breast pain and noncyclic breast pain. The cyclic type of pain in breast differs depending on one’s menstrual cycle. This pain decreases and increases, responding to your monthly hormonal changes.

It is generally characterized by a heavy and dull pain in both breasts. Cyclic pain might spread to your underarm areas. The most common sufferers of this breast pain are women who are premenopausal.

The noncyclical sharp pain in breast is generally characterized by a sharp, stabbing or burning ache in only one breast which is intermittent or constant. Unlike the cyclical type, this pain does not have any relation to your menstrual cycle. It typically occurs on only one side- either near, inside or beneath the breast. During the onset of this pain, you will feel that it is striking you in one specific spot of your breast.

In case it occurs near the breast, you will feel like suffering from angina, pain or any other form of discomfort which is related directly to a heart disease. However, it is not really affecting your heart but your spine, chest wall muscles, joints or rib cage. Whatever your menopausal condition is, this kind of breast pain can occur any time.

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